The K Homes Advantage

With our Comfort Checklist, you can say goodbye to drafty spaces and second-floor bedrooms that are too hot or cold. Our homes feature the latest technology and a super-insulated shell for whole-home comfort:

The Comfort Checklist also ensures low utility bills:

2023 Design Features complete list (download pdf)

Build on Your Lot

Every piece of land is different.

If you’re considering land for your new home, get us involved before making a commitment or signing a contract. We specialize in building outside of established subdivisions and can help you gain a better understanding of lot-related issues and expenses. Contact us for a no-obligation site evaluation and we’ll help you answer these questions:

  • How far from the street should we set the house?
  • What kind of septic systems do we need?
  • How much of the lot needs to be cleared?
  • Do we need a detached garage?
  • What about utilities? etc.



Your Style, Your Choices

Visit our Design Center in West Chester to make your new home a showcase for your individual style!

Our experts will assist you in the selection of fixtures, finishes, flooring—everything for your new home, down to the smallest detail. We accommodate all preferences by offering unlimited selections, even beyond those in our selections center.

Exceptional Customer Experience

We set out to raise the bar from your first interaction. From the start, you're met with thoughtful attention to detail. We're here to exceed your expectations at every turn of the building process.

Gene Kopaygorodsky is involved in every phase, from design to execution. Gene founded K Homes in 2005 to bring sustainable design to the mainstream. K Homes is a respected member of the Better Business Bureau and the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati (which backs our limited warranty program of One-Year Quality Coverage, 10-Year Structural Coverage, and Manufacturer Warranties).


“Gene, building our dream home has become a reality—and we cannot be happier to have had you build it. You took our sketch and made it come to life, from helping us draw up a plan (so everything looked correct and flowed nicely) to the final detailed touches. Our questions were always answered quickly and we appreciated the weekly email updates. Thank you for everything!"

— Barb and Mike, March 2023

“We've had the thermostat set at 77 for cooling and so far the air conditioner has never had to kick in; the house stays steady at 73 or 74 degrees all day without it. Shade from the trees behind us helps, but those nice, thick walls and quality windows are doing their job.”

— Alan, June 2021

“The new home next door is now framed up… two story and very large, about 4000 square feet. Being ‘the old guy next door’ I have been able to track how everything has been done. Interesting, the exterior walls are made with 2x4s. As time passes, we keep being impressed with the quality items/features that you included in our house.”

— Ralph and Rose Jackson, October 2017

“Hi Gene, Here is the energy bill for February. This is crazy! We have almost doubled our square footage and are paying within $3 of our previous home for both January and February.”
— Matt and Lisa Brooks, February 2016

“Gene used high-quality building materials that were considered upgrades with other builders. The ENERGY STAR rating made his homes especially interesting. We were very pleased how smoothly and quickly the house went up.”

— The Eckerles

“Gene, Thank you so much for working with us to build us our perfect house! We truly appreciate how easy you made the entire process and look forward to turning it into our home! Thanks!”

— Joy, Mike, and Derek

“What I am pleasantly surprised about in building this home is that the process of going from a thought or ideas, putting the thought on paper, communicating to you and Mike, getting the architectural plans and then your execution of the actual construction — to me is amazing."
— Jennifer White, February 2016