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“The new home next door is now framed up… two story and very large, about 4000 square feet. Being ‘the old guy next door’ I have been able to track how everything has been done. Interesting, the exterior walls are made with 2 X 4s. As time passes, we keep being impressed with the quality items/features that you included in our house.”
— Ralph and Rose Jackson, October 2017

“I wanted to thank you for taking the time to go over the entire house with us the way you did.  This really impressed Cryssie and I, and we’re very happy! I know bumps and bruises happen during home construction, and for you to walk through and help us mark items that need repaired meant a lot. Hopefully, your crew can get this all knocked out and have it standing tall Friday morning!

Please have them do their very best to repair everything for us. We are happy we chose K Homes! Thanks again.”
— Chris, July 2016

“What I am pleasantly surprised about in building this home is that the process of going from a thought or ideas, putting the thought on paper, communicating to you and Mike, getting the architectural plans and then your execution of the actual construction — to me is amazing.

I love this stuff, because I like to see completion and I am project oriented. Thank you for paying attention to the details, because what I am seeing is what I imagined. This is a pleasure.”
— Jennifer White, February 2016

“We spent our first night in the new home last night. If I haven’t told you–which I think I have–you built a beautiful home. The plans we brought in to you last year have been executed so well by you and your team! Thank you once again!”
— Jennifer White, May 2016

“Hi Gene, Here is the energy bill for February.  This is crazy!  We have almost doubled our square footage and are paying within $3 of our previous home for both January and February.”
— Matt and Lisa Brooks, February 2016

“We signed our final check tonight with Gene, have a certificate of occupancy, and are moving in tomorrow 5/15. Thank you very much for the recommendation and I have to say that both Lisa and I are more than willing to be a future reference for K Homes.

Gene has been a consummate professional from the beginning and was the only one we spoke to that focused on the “bones” of the house upfront. And, he carried that attention through the entire build process. I can say with confidence that Gene does not accept substandard work by the subcontractors and would rather rip out and redo a bad installation than make a cosmetic patch.

He also had a great demeanor when dealing with us and never hesitated to spend the time either clarifying questions or explaining the next steps in the process.

Thanks again for a great recommendation!

Best regards.”
— Matt & Lisa Brooks, May 2015

“I have called Duke Energy and Butler County this morning to transfer utilities. They both said the readings will be done on Monday. Thanks again for building such an awesome house! We love it!”
— Keith and Karen Langevin

“It’s hard to believe we’ve been in the house for almost a year. I just want to say we love it and think you guys did a wonderful job!”
— John Mirkos

“Gene, Thank you so much for working with us to build us our perfect house! We truly appreciate how easy you made the entire process and look forward to turning it into our home! Thanks!”
— Joy, Mike and Derek

“Thanks Gene, it really is exciting to see it all coming along!”
— Joy Theuring and Mike Horn

“We’re impressed that you were able to accomplish so much in January with the weather conditions… good job.”
— Ralph and Rose Jackson

“Thanks for making our dreams come true!”
— Kathy Correll and James Payne

“Gene used high-quality building materials that were considered upgrades with other builders. The ENERGY STAR rating made his homes especially interesting. We were very pleased how smoothly and quickly the house went up.”
— The Eckerles

“We chose K Homes because we were impressed with the finish of the walls and ceilings and liked the technologies employed—heavy insulation, hybrid heating, etc. This home keeps us warm even at a setting of 68 degrees. We made a good choice.”
— The Ramas

“We absolutely love our new home. The extra effort Gene and his team put into their homes shows in both
little and significant ways.”

— The Herums

Gene, Don and I would like to thank you for creating the ‘home of our dreams.’ From the moment we sat down with you to discuss what we wanted in our new home, you did everything in your power to make it happen. The quality of the workmanship you did in our home excels any existing home we looked at before deciding to build. Because you use top quality energy conserving products, our energy star home will save us money in the long run. We love our home and thank you for making the process easy. Since this was not the first house we built, we know that your standard of excellence was way above the first builder that we used. Don and I will recommend your company to anyone who desires to build their future home.”
— Don and LaDeana Wilke

“$400 per year to heat a 2500 sq ft house is amazing to me.”
— Dale, Liberty Township