Existing Designs
If you are interested in an existing home design, the pre-construction focus is on finalizing all of your decisions, including working with our design team on the final set of structural options, selections and finishes.

After all the selections have been completed, we will schedule a pre-construction meeting to review all of the information. Owner Gene Kopaygorodsky is involved in this process and available to address any questions. A 10 percent down-payment and pre-approval for financing from our preferred lender Union Savings Bank is required at the time of the pre-construction meeting.

Custom Designs
For those looking for a custom-designed home, the pre-construction process is a bit longer. The approximate price per square foot of custom construction, listed on our website, is for use as a general guide. In order for us to generate an accurate quote, the architectural plan, site evaluation, plot plan, selections and finishes and all cabinet layouts must be completed.

K Homes and MPK Architect will help you develop the plans for your home, including choosing from the selections at the K Homes Selection Center, located at: 8050 Beckett Center Dr., Suite 313, West Chester OH 45069.

Finalizing all the plans and selections–which takes a month to a month-and-a-half–is essential for starting your custom home’s construction on the right track, and is completed prior to signing a sales contract.

The cost for these preliminary services is $3,500 and is applied toward the final price of the home. After all the decisions are made, we make sure that the homeowner understands what is included in the quoted price, and both parties sign the sales agreement. If a homeowner chooses not to build with K Homes after the final quote is submitted, they are able to take the complete set of construction drawings and selection sheets without incurring additional charges.

After the sales agreement is signed and all the details of the deal have been ironed out, we schedule a pre-construction meeting to review all of the information one more time. Following this meeting, K Homes will apply for a building permit, which usually is received within one to two weeks. At that time, the construction phase of your home begins.

We understand that building a home is one of life’s biggest decisions. Please contact us for more information about the pre-construction process or with specific questions regarding an existing plan or how to get started designing your dream home.

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