Dry and Comfortable Basements

Building a new house? Learn how to make sure that your basement feels dry and comfortable.

K Homes uses TUFF-N-DRI basement waterproofing and insulation systems on every house to help transform an ordinary basement into a comfortable living space. How does it happen?

When a common 8” thick foundation wall gets sprayed with regular black tar for waterproofing, cold and wet soil on the outside of the basement wall transfers cold temperature through the foundation wall and towards the inside of the conditioned basement. The thinner the basement wall, the closer to the inside of the conditioned basement this cold temperature will travel. The point where the cold temperature from the outside collides with the warm temperature of the inside is called a dew point—a point at which condensation happens. The closer this point is to the inside of the basement wall, the more damp the basement will feel.

Using the TUFF-N-DRI basement waterproofing and insulation system in combination with the 10” thick foundation walls ensures that the dew point stays closer to the outside of your basement. This in turn ensures a a quality living space that’s drier, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Learn more about TUFF-N-DRI by Tremco: brochure | website