Comfort: Guaranteed

thermostatHere at K Homes we strongly believe that lasting comfort is one of the most important things that we offer homeowners.

Our high-quality standards mean that you can say goodbye to drafty spaces and second-floor bedrooms that are too hot or too cold. An important component of this lasting comfort promise is super-insulated shell that includes 2×6 exterior walls with R-19 insulation, R-50 attic insulation and the TUFF-N-DRY basement waterproofing system with an R-5 insulation board on the outside of the wall. It serves to prevent conditioned air from escaping the home and to mitigate unconditioned hot or cold air entering the home. This super-insulated shell also muffles noise, both inside and out.

Another component of our comfort promise is the Bryant evolution heating and cooling system. The Evolution Connex with wi-fi connectivity puts comfort control at your fingertips; it’s capable of managing a complete home comfort system including humidity, ventilation and zoning, The Bryant 986T furnace provides consistently warm and impeccably controlled comfort all winter long; it also provides welcome relief from hot, sticky summer humidity. The high-efficiency single-stage air conditioner provides reliable whole-home comfort; due to its quiet operation, you can enjoy the comfort in peace.