About Us

gene_kIn 2005, Gene Kopaygorodsky founded K Homes with the hope of raising the bar for how energy-efficient homes look and feel. Since completing one of the first Energy Star-qualified homes in the area in 2006, K Homes has helped bring sustainable design to the mainstream, offering attractive finishes, high-quality construction and high-end standards.

The company is a respected member of the Better Business Bureau and the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati. Despite the company’s growth, he remains involved in the construction of every home, fielding customers’ questions and usually attending pre-construction meetings.

While K Homes offers a range of home designs and price points, the company specializes in customization – from upgrading an existing plan to designing a custom dream home, on your property or in one of the featured communities. If you’re interested in building a new home, we invite you to raise your expectations and experience how an energy-efficient home can look and feel.